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Frequent Fly-Ins
A few of our most frequent fliers.



About Vicksburg-Tallulah Regional Airport

"Herman & Dexter are just plain outstanding! They hear me call in and have the fuel truck ready on the ramp before I even shut down. Out of all of the airfields I go into, these guys are flat out on top of it."

Vicksburg-Tallulah Regional Airport opened to the public in November 1992 and has a record of providing great service to fliers and passengers, with top-flight line service and quality terminal facilities.

A busy airport for its size, KTVR services an average of 20-30 flights per week for users up to 75,000-lb weight load.

We have Localizer Approach and GPS, with GCO on the field.
 (Call flight services). Full ILS for Runway 36.

The VTR Board, which administers the airport, is composed of one member each from Vicksburg, Warren County, Madison Parish, La., Tallulah, and a “swing” member appointed alternately every four years by Warren County and Madison Parish.